20/20 Vision

This year I am living (and ‘loving’ would be appropriate too as Siri autocorrect would have it) my questions. Can I do this? Can what I want come with ease?  Can I even have what I want? 

There’s been a lot of living under these questions for me, feeling like I needed my flight patterns figured out, my landing points clearly marked, everything in perfect place all before I ever risked seeing if I could fly. 

But as I utilize 20 20 to bring my vision into greater focus, I put faith underneath me, and I love (thanks Siri) and live the questions. Can I do this? Looks like setting my focus and doing this. Can what I want come with ease? Looks like moving toward what I want with grace and with the inner knowing I’ve always carried but have maybe more often doubted. And it’s not that doubt is so bad or that it needs figured out before you fly, you just take that with you too. Can I even have it what I want? Looks like going for what I want. The questions evoke wonder instead of impede movement. They come with, they color the sky. 

The one thing I am clear about is not whether or not I can fly anymore, it’s that when I jump I will. It is a silly thing to doubt if you can fly when you have wings. What else would they be for? “If” becomes a small question when your Vision is big. What else is that spark you carry for? 

You can fly. You can also live out your own questions AS you soar. Your questions live over you when you’re on the ground, and living under anything is heavy. When you fly you carry a different vibration and with that lightness comes a playfulness, an ease, a space. And suddenly you’re above the questions, above the clouds, watching them change shape and grow in size and wisp away. Suddenly they’re not blocking your pathway, but giving dimension to everything you can see from high above the ground. 

Try on some faith that you can fly too, that the spark in you isn’t made for cheap tea lights, it’s made for igniting your way with any small and every knowing leap you take. 

Happy New Year friends. Fly high ✌🏻


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