Authoring a New Script

“Here I am doing “nothing” but being an emotional and physical pillow for two grown men of the future. In fact all morning that is “all I’ve done” as new teeth and new emotions have been erupting… so we’ve all been doing some learning. 

Many times my “list of things that successful people do” gets puts aside and I get frustrated and down about accomplishing “nothing”. But you know what?? It’s NOT nothing to create humans, sustaining them with nothing but your body. And then to bring those humans earthside via your chosen and supported path. And then to sustain them on the outside physically, emotionally, spiritually and all of the above. 

If you’re having one of those days (or weeks… or months… or seasons) where you feel like you’re getting nothing done because your check list has no checks on it, I want you to CHECK YOURSELF and remind yourself what an immense job you have been given on this planet with your little humans. 

Your job is anything but little, your time is anything but invaluable and your productivity is anything but nonexistent. I see you, I hear you and I PROMISE you that you matter more than any checklist to those little humans And to this world, so keep being kick ass and raising future game changers!”

– Dr. Kim. Mom of 5, and CEO of Village Family Chiropractic

So much of our experience can be altered by how we choose to think about and perceive our circumstances, versus actually changing the “outer” physical substrate of our experience – which is to say the reality we see with our eyes. ie. We can change how we feel, by changing how we think about what we feel. Because sometimes, we can’t just step away from the little people we are responsible for and attend to the rest of the items on our list. So, good gracious alive there have better be another way.  

There is. It’s an inside job, and while that language can prompt some people to run and take cover (because inside can seem big and like learning lessons and like being better) it’s actually a really simple and very “giving” job to take on for yourself. The kind that pays the big bucks. So keep listening. 

Changing our thinking, changing the way we hold our experience in our minds eye, IS changing our internal physical substrate. Because thoughts are things. And Thoughts generate very real connections and reactions in the brain, forming what is known as neurological networks. To rework a thought changes the very formation of their pathways. And what happens when the networks are changed? Our reality feels different. But most of us are less concerned with the technical aspects of the inner workings (unless you’re like me and love allllll the details) and more attuned with the way we feel in any given situation. Like,




Missing out (fomo anyone?)


All of which could very easily describe Kim’s experience of what she refers to as “not checking the boxes.” Except for this doesn’t describe her experience.

Because she chose to perceive in a new way. 

As a new mom, as A mom, it’s painstakingly simple to recite stories to ourselves about our role that leave us feeling all of the above. Namely, disempowered. The great thing about those stories though, is that we’re the author. And if we’re the author, that means we have the ever present, continual opportunity to re-write our stories. 

In my FREE EBOOK I talk about the 5 Pillars of our Mental Wellness. Mindset is where I begin because it is the thickest string that when pulled, influences all other aspects. Where I end, is community. Because it is the foundation that holds every pillar together. Without it, without the support of one another, we’re more susceptible to crumble. We’re more vulnerable to buy into the scripts within us that leave us disheartened and unaware of any other chapter than the one we’ve been reciting. 

So it’s not just our own stories that our powerful, but our collective stories as moms – as women, sisters, friends, humans – that we share to connect. These stories are told so that when you can’t find the script in you that will serve to empower your greater feeling state, we can remember what we gain from each other. And we can recite it until the story becomes less “what we say” and more “who we are.” 

Because the truth is, you matter. And that means what you do matters. We might be conditioned to believe that a paycheck is what validates our worth, but as mothers raising our young, it’s time for a new conditioning to take place. One that says that the seeds we’re watering now, will grow to bear fruit and oxygen and shade and medicine and peace and beauty, and further creation in the future. That is our paycheck. One that we cant see now, because “invaluable” cannot be measured. The new story says we are powerful, we are wise, we are creators, we are healers. We are, as Kim reminds us, raising future game changers. And THAT is no small feat. 

May we remind each other who we are, one sacred story at a time. 

Love one author to the next,


p.s. Do you have an empowering story that you feel inspired to share about how you have utilized Mindset, Food, Movement, Expression, or Community to elevate your “Well” in Motherhood? Share your submission HERE for review! 

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