Humans and Houseplants and Growth

It’s a struggle being an artist, I thought. 

But, I also have this semi-new relationship with and toward my thoughts. Where I see them of me, not as me. So I have this fun barrier now, this space, where I get to see them and play around with them some before I decide to have and to hold forever and ever. 

So then I remembered, huh. I don’t have to own that thought. 

Which is what can happen when you make a conscious choice about an unconscious assumption. 

Because you know, thoughts are things passing by, and not facts. So it’s good to test them at least now and again 😉. In the freedom I reminded myself I had to keep it around or let it go, I then thought… I’m ok believing that at some capacity. 

There is struggle even in nature.

There is no clear path for the flower to grow. 

First it has to root itself. It has to reach down and secure a solid foundation to support its pushing up against. 

Then it must reach through the soil. It doesn’t just emerge. It pushes. It makes a way. There’s a level of resistance. And resistance is powerful, because it serves a more characteristic growth. Flowers that grow in harsher conditions are more resilient than ones that grow in a soft and still, conducive-to-flourish, meadow. 

Perennials can thrive in winter conditions. But what’s also interesting about them is that they do better when they’re in peak form. When they’re tended to, weeded around, and watered up, outside the cold shock of winter. When they’re cared for in the spring, in the gentler climate… they fare better in the cold, in the harsher climate. 

Humans can thrive in challenging conditions. But what’s also interesting about us, is that we do better when we’re in peak form. When we tend to ourselves, when we’re tended to, when we weed around the lifeless thoughts, when we water up our soul, outside the shock of trauma, or conflict, or illness. When we care for ourselves, and let ourselves be cared for in the times of rest and feeling safe, we tend to fare better in the sometimes harsh, contrasting climates we experience. 

Another interesting thing.

Plants will only grow as big as the container that they’re in. 

Kind of like us. When a pot is doubled, plants can grow over 40% larger, (said a Biologist, not me). The plants are thought to use their roots as senses to determine the size of the pot and grow, or stunt, accordingly.  

Where do we do that? Where do we stunt our own growth because we, maybe subconsciously, sense the containers and the constraints we have put around our own selves and grow (or restrict) accordingly?

How much room are you giving your roots to grow? This isn’t about staying in one place, or grounding in a single spot. Our roots are invisible, and the advantage here is that they can stretch the world over. There is no limit to your containment, to your extension. The only limit is that which you oppose on yourself. Allow your container to be bigger, that’s what seeing with spiritual eyes or having faith is all about. Not taking your reality for granted, not assuming that what you see is your truth because it’s what you currently see. Your hope, your vision, your desire, your imagination, your barometer for how capable you are of living – of embodying the life you want – can extend far beyond any limits you may currently have and hold. If you want a fuller life, uproot from your small container and watch how much you can grow. 

Plants grow toward the light. 

Plants have developed strategies to harness and absorb the maximal amount of sunlight through their leaves. They get their nutrition in the dark, and grow toward the sunlight, in order to generate energy.

This illustrates to me our capacity for the same. We utilize tools for growth, we can develop the mindset to nourish ourselves in our setbacks, to feed ourselves the nutrients that would be the most fruitful for us to use as a bridge from where we are to where we intend to be, and then ultimately we emerge. We grow toward the light, to sustain ourselves and infuse ourselves with the energy we need to make our experience (and maybe even that of those around us) the best it can be. The best we want it to be. Because this is not about forcing growth, or speeding growth, this is about nourishing our capacity in every circumstance that we’re willing to, to grow at the pace we feel most fulfilled by. 

What are your strategies for harnessing, absorbing, nourishing, and generating in your own life? I just love that we can even tap into these strategies, to utilize nature to elicit this question, to mirror this process, for our own wild and wonderful and growth-oriented life. One that says, in the dark even – we can grow. Which is to mean, for me, that even in the dark I can find freedom. I can cultivate nourishment and sustainment to help me “be” exactly where I currently am, to help me sit in my current reality with an expanded sense of peace, knowing that the dark can serve me just as the light can. That in any situation, and in any circumstance, and in any setback I can find it’s perfect place in my becoming. Whether it’s to provide contrast pointing me to where I want to be instead, whether it’s to help me let go and expand my container to encompass the whole of me, or to do all this and so much more. So then with greater ease, with a gentle pushing from a capable foundation, we emerge from the soil to and toward where we want to be. 

To your becoming, at whatever pace nourishes you most.

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