Masks, Mandates & Medical Protocols, Oh My

A lot of people have asked me, as someone who has not worn a mask for a moment this last year and a half (well, ever. except on my eyes ☺️) “Why?” I’m compassionate. I’m empathetic. I’m at my best a loving, caring, kind human. Why not do it for others? Why make it a big deal, why not just comply? 

A few things.

I don’t make it a big deal to not wear a mask. I just don’t do it. I respect a place of business without entitlement in the way that another’s home is not my own. I simply don’t give them my business if that is their rule. It is very few and far between that I have been disallowed to enter a facility without a mask on. I’ve cut out maybe 1 percent of the places I used to shop because of this. It is never, and will never, be a big deal for me to breathe freely. I just will. This surprises some people. “Oh but don’t we have to wear one!” No, actually. You don’t. (Unless you work at a place that requires you to, which is a different conversation entirely) I won’t act like I know how it feels in your body if you choose to do something you don’t agree with or believe is effective, but in mine it feels disintegrous and like a hard “no.” Since my conscious mind agrees with my somatic experience (and it doesn’t always…) I don’t resist. I breathe free. Peacefully. 

Why not just comply? (Wouldn’t it be easier?)

Would it be easier to lock a tantruming child in a room for a while and walk away so you could regain your peace? Not for me. Because it conflicts with something deeper inside. What I understand about the nervous system, about the need for co-regulation as a child, about what I morally value. 

It’s not easier for me to wear the mask, because it conflicts with what I believe to be true (masks don’t protect myself or another from illness) and what I value (my free will to live and act according to my empowered views and embodied display of health, both of which I haven’t always had) 

But couldn’t I put all that aside to help another person? 

Define help 😉

If it were in my power to help another human from not experiencing illness, would I do so? (And isn’t that what we all really want to be assured by, or are maybe outraged by, from the “non maskers”) Of course. In the same way that I’ve cut into my “me” time many nights (and mornings and days and, well, years 🤣) to console or guide or be with or care for an overly tired (read: crank) or hungry (again again again) or scared (I had a dream about a badger!! 🤦🏻‍♀️) Eli. 

From my viewpoint – the best way I could potentially help another person is by not wearing a mask. 

If I wore one, I would only be perpetuating a fear, helping to narrate what is actually just theory (ie germ vs terrain) and feeding into the delusion that an aerated cloth covering over my mouth/nose hole actually kept someone from experiencing sickness. 

I have a deeply empowering belief system when it come to health, contracting illness, prevention, etc. It in no way makes wearing a mask hold any value or sense. I’d rather give another the seed of a new perspective that could change their life for the better, with how I live my own, than be another covered face simply out of obedience. 

Suffice it to say I’d be the one wearing a camera around my neck back in the day to protest the belief that taking someone’s image steals their soul. The more people lived in accordance with what they came to know / feel, instead of feared, the more the actual truth spread – cameras preserve memories. Not souls. (And thank god or I’d lose a lot of business in my line of work these days…) 

By not wearing a mask, what I am saying is: I don’t believe this will help you. I am not saying “I don’t care.” What I’m really saying is that I care so much, that I have risked being judged, stared down by surrounding people (which was not easy to adjust to, with our very primal drive to be connected / accepted) being condemned loudly behind my back, questioned / accused to my face, written off, and the apparent source of another’s contempt. 

What I really care about is not playing a part in a story that is not one I consented to author. 

I care about authoring a story, in what I think/believe, what I say and what I display, that aligns with what I believe to be true. 

And that’s the thing. We’re all writing this story that we’re living in, by the decisions and the actions we take daily. This collective story can either stay the same or change, by what we think/ believe, what we say, and what we display. Some rhetoricals for you… 

Does the story your apart of (mask / no mask. Germ / terrain. Vaccine / no vaccine. Pro choice / force and mandate.) Does it align with the one that is inside of you? 

Yes? Ok. How’s that working for you? 

No? Then why are you writing it? Have you thought to question what you choose to do? Do you know that you can? 

On Gov’t:

So as things become increasingly absurd throughout society, I am moved to share some ways that can potentially help citizens choices of North Carolina to remain lawfully protected. But no matter what state you live in, there is likely something like this for you too. (Except for a few that have already lost lawful protections 🤦🏻‍♀️)

A new bill has the potential to be secured – one that would maintain the freedom of choice so that mandatory vaccinations will never be enforced. Whatever your stance of vaccines, I urge you to be a part of this is whatever way you can (calling / emailing (I can send you my personalized copy) / showing up in person on Tuesday – image above) 

To be honest, I have “all the thoughts” about what control as citizens we really have to influence the government. What I believe to be the *most true * is to live and create my life in accordance with what I value the most – self sovereignty (separation from government influence / “help” / control) self sustainability (hello city fam to rural farm life with hundreds of chickens, 25 ducks, a kick ass market garden in the works, a homeschooled kiddo, a home-birth one on the way- all in less than a year 😂😳) and like minded soul empowering community / connections. 

I act out my story in the way I choose to live daily, within my home and outside of it 😷👎🏻✌🏻

But. If a call or an email or a presence can influence the “powers that be” (to influence the real powers that be – we the people) then I’ll help author that chapter however I can.

Friends. A school in California was an unwatched eye away from “turning a school into a covid vaccination center to deploy an experimental medical protocol (I mean, let’s call it what it is, reference Leigh Dundas, Human Rights Attorney) that killed every ferret in the last animal trial that was done.” Worse –  attempting to “legally sidestep parental informed consent” so administering the vaccine to children without their parents consent would be legal. Fuck. That. Not the story I’m authoring, not ah, no way, no how. And if it’s one you are – knowingly or not – I emplore you to empower yourself, heck even just entertain yourself, with new inforamtjon. Do you know how many accounts across all major platforms are getting censored, deleted, “punished” – just for dialoguing (peacefully!) their own beliefs? It’s at a very clear level of insanity.

I will peacefully under the knowledge I so gratefully and powerfully uphold not consent to wearing a mask. I will peacefully and entirely reject any and all attempt at coercion, control, and demand that attempts compliance for myself and my family.

This is not about belief systems. (Although it can be we can totally talk that, DMs open 🙌🏻) It’s about freedom of choice. If you’re not ok with the lack of that at the legislative level, you can attempt do something about it. In your everyday personal life, and within government – if it can count there. And if you are ok with that – enforcing mandates and lack of choice – I’ll be totally clear: please unfollow / unfriend me because I have no interest in engaging at any capacity with that energy. 

✌🏻 and 😁

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