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Fostering connection in Motherhood

I see you Mama. I see you  in your glory, I see you in your mess, and mostly – I see you Truly. For the Light that you embody and for the love that you are. Come home to yourself, and join the rest of us here. You’re all welcome.

A Word on Motherhood

I am a mother. Encompassed in this title lay many deeper truths.

I am a sister, a woman, a lover. A seeker and a friend.

I am Spirit, divinely created in the image of Love.

I have touched the current of electric joy, soul-quieting peace, inspired creativity, and fierce grace. I have tasted what is True enough to know it in my bones.

And I am so fully and imperfectly human.

I have touched the current of pain that runs through our shared experiences of grief, longing, and loss. I have risen, and fallen, and figured it out, only to be brought back to my knees in humble surrender.

Since becoming a Mother my whole world has changed. But really I could say the same since having breathed my first breath. Life is ever changing. Motherhood though is unique, in that it has been the catalyst toward my most sacred transformation.

In it’s awakening, my passion for wellness has translated into helping Mothers navigate their journey in an integrated way. Allowing for the sister, woman, lover, seeker, and friend in us all to be embodied. We may have walked far from the Village, but we don’t have to abandon our hearts cry for this connection.

Today we find ourselves in a time where isolation has become predominant as the standard way of living. It’s important to know that we were not designed for this! We are hardwired for community. Science today doesn’t just acknowledge connection as beneficial, but as essential to our survival. It’s no wonder we as mothers are finding ourselves in a position of overwhelm, not feeling able to handle the needs of even one child let alone our entire family. Postpartum is more often than not associated with words like depression, psychosis, and mood disorder. This has to change.

“Being alone we were no longer able to mother as intensely as when that care was shared by the whole family unit.” – Julia Jones

It’s Time To Reclaim our Sisterhood in Motherhood

The transition to a fully embodied motherhood begins with our awareness of this need for each other. Remember, when we are cared for in the highest regard, we are equipped to care for our children and our people in the same way. My desire is for this “do it yourself” mindset to shift. To mend the severance. To shine a light on the darkness depression, isolation, and hopelessness brings to relinquish the grip it has on us. Whether you’re new to this mama role, or a seasoned veteran, Motherhood should be a continual time of intense bonding, blossoming love, and being allowed to adjust to this way of life with support and grace.

I can be more when I am joined, then when I am alone. There is sacredness in non-separateness. We are better together.


To Mother Well is to Sister Well

Let us begin.

Here is my service to you –

The co-creation of honest images & my sharing through written word the knowledge and personal experiences I’ve acquired thus far in my own journey. To marry Motherhood to the many facets of itself. Because life is not static, and neither is motherhood. In this dynamic, deeper truths are lived by us all. I am here to help equip you to be the Mother you want to be, the one you truly are underneath the fear, overwhelm, and disconnect. To help you awaken to Who you are.

To be seen, and to be loved.

To be of service to your many roles, in many ways.

This is about living from your highest truth, thriving within the community of others. To live and Mother, Well – amidst the Company we find ourselves in, and that which we venture to be a part of.

This is Mother Well and Company.

In celebration of the Life you are and the Life you bring,



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