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Covers the essence of their person, and the unique way they show up in the world. Their “story.” 

I think first and foremost I’m very family oriented. I’m a wife. I’m a mother. I’m a sister. I’m a daughter. I think those single words can really represent a lot of who I am and how I see the world. On top of that I am also always looking for a way to tie people together. To bring people together. Whether it’s through movement, or whether it’s through just getting together for a playdate, or whether it’s through just going for a walk. The idea of bringing humans together and connecting in small or large groups is something I really find I’m passionate about as well.

A Token of Wellness 

An offering of health, wellness. Tools for healing they would impart from their wisdom and experience, to yours. 

It’s definitely support. I think that women, especially mothers, get into isolation and they find that it’s hard to get out. And when they find themselves in isolation, resentment comes very quickly. The way that we can help females feel strong and confident is to make sure they feel supported and seen and know that every mother is on a different journey and in a different place in their life – a different place in their motherhood, with a different child. Everything about their situation is going to be unique. However, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t get loved on hard by other moms that are in the same, similar, or completely different situation. I think that support is something that I, in the last few years, have lacked off and said that women need to be strong and independent and stand on their own two feet. To a point that’s true but what we need to come back to is the idea that no one can do this alone. You have to have a strong support system. You have to have that mom, that fellow mom that you can call at two in the morning and just have a complete meltdown with. And you need to have the mom who you’re always welcome into her home. And you always need to have the mom that will always go to Target with you. Whether that’s three individual women, or the same one, you’ve got to have someone that can love hard on you.


A personal testament or reflection on rising from the dark.

I got into this habit of asking myself, “is it that important?” I have a tendency to overwork myself. To take on too many projects. Kind of become an idea monkey. Especially when I’m super passionate about something, this workaholic tendency kind of takes over. There have been plenty of times where I’ve had to step back and say (instead of letting my anxiety take over) “how important is this project or this moment or this lesson? How important is it?” I find that it works really well with emotions as well. Taking a step, whether I’m angry, or frustrated or upset, taking that moment and asking yourself – is it that important? At this moment is it that important to be frustrated with my child, or my husband, or mad at the world? Is it that important? And if it is? Be mad! But upset. Be frustrated. But you have to take that moment to kind of ask yourself – is what i’m stressed about or anxious about that important right now?

From my Heart to Yours 

Parting words to leave you with. A personal story to tell to inspire, encourage, empower or give hope to about going from darkness to light, from broken to whole, from fear to love.

I feel like I have two for this one. One is when my son Sage was in the NICU – I was having a very very hard time. A nurse took me by the shoulders and said “everything is a phase.” And it was like one of those moments where you realize that legitimately everything in this life is a phase, and the phase will end, and something new will come from it. And that is so hard to remember when you are in the thick of it, when you’re in the muck of it. You’re covered in what looks like poop and could be prunes but you’re not sure. It’s so hard to remember that everything changes and this is a phase. 

Then there was this other moment where I had an opportunity when Sage was about two and a half – of traveling a LOT for my career. And I remember having a conversation where I was telling my mom that the big thing I’m really scared of is my missing out on him in this really vital time. And my mom said you never know when your last one is going to be. When is the last time you’re going to have to rock him to sleep. You’ll never know when that last one is. You’ll never know the last bottle you’re going to feed him, you’re never going to know your last. So treat everything as if you’re not going to be able to do it again. And that also kind of changed how I looked at parenting – to be like, you never know when your last moment of being able to snuggle him to sleep is – but really not looking at it in a negative way but rejoicing in the fact that you get that experience. You never know what it’s going to be like again. 


Ways that Jessica of Fit4Mom is impacting the community (where to find them / clickable links)

I think the big thing with running Fit4Mom Asheville is that we are a safe place. We have moms who are newly postpartum, moms who had their youngest kid 13 years ago. We kind of run the gauntlet of motherhood, but no matter what age and stage that you find yourself – you’re in a safe place where you can come you can cry. You can workout hard- you can not workout hard at all , you can use it as your time to chat with other mamas or you can be in the zone and focus only on yourself and your mat. There’s no correct way to mother. There’s no correct way to move. And there is no correct way to gather. We just give you as many options as we can and introduce you to the Asheville community of mamas. 




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